इस ब्लॉग से मेरी अनुमति के बिना

कोई भी रचना कहीं पर भी प्रकाशित न करें।

Once i read somewhere that it is very difficult to know oneself.but now I approve it.We have stuffed our mind with so much knowledge and interact with so many people,that we never have time to probe the fearful but the wonderful world within.Working in a school I meet people of varied nature and temperament.It is like railway compartment where you meet people but do not develop intimacy.However it is not always true.I have seen my friends struggling for livelihood.,yet very adamant.We should learn the value of education. Be humble , the world will be at your feet.


                                          MY MOTHER 

Oh! she is great ,simply great
Quite vivid and complete in trait
No word, no line can narrate 
Very infinite and much considerate
The tender touch which she renders
Has no limit, no barriers
her simplicity and politeness strange 
It has no bound, no range

She is the earth in her tolerance
A tree of bamboo in patience
As a sweet flower in her fragrance
Indeed a sparkle in her keenness

She can not see me in pain
showers her love whenever she can
she is the nature by  herself
Who bears everything in itself